About Us

The Sudanese Community in Poland association is a a society gathering Sudanese and people of Sudanese origins living in Poland. the association established on 2022 and bases its work on the rich heritage of Sudanese activities in Poland,

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The aims of the Association’s activities are:

  • social assistance, including help for Sudanese living in Poland and people in difficult life situations, and providing equal opportunities for these people;
  • activities for social integration and developing contacts and cooperation between societies;
  • assistance to victims of catastrophes, natural disasters, armed conflicts and wars at home and abroad;
  • promotion and organization of volunteering;
  • charity work;
  • the promotion and protection of children’s rights as well as activities for equal rights of women and men in Sudan;
  • promotion and protection of human and civil liberties and freedoms, as well as activities supporting the development of democracy in Sudan.

The seat of the association is the capital city of Warsaw.